Here are answers to a few of the frequently asked questions I receive:

Q. What phrase comes on the {fill-in-the-blank} wedding bowl?

A. Any phrase can be ordered on any bowl. We have a list of options, but you may also select something of your own. The phrase selection is part of the check-out process after you've selected your bowl. These are the options we offer:

  • Love always - Laugh often - Forgive quickly - Share joy - Dream together
    (Please note, this phrase is copyrighted and cannot be used without permission © 2017 Voltage Studio)

  • Two are better than one alone for if they fall one can lift up the other

  • This is our (or my) wish for you: love, health, wealth, and the time to enjoy them

  • Two hearts pledge one love, two lives join in one dream for the future

  • I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine

Q. What size are the wedding bowls? 

A. The wedding bowls are approximately 10.5" diameter  x 4.5" tall. Due to the handmade nature of this item size does vary. They are similar in size to a salad bowl or large serving bowl. They are made from long-lasting stoneware clay, making them both food & dishwasher safe. 

Q. The wedding is this weekend, can I order a bowl by then?

A. The standard time-frame for all orders is 7-10 weeks. Sometimes we are ahead of schedule and your order may be completed ahead of this time-frame, but not very often. And never under a week. Why is this? Due to the custom nature of the product, each bowl is handmade from start to finish for you. This is a time consuming process but due to the materials and firings we use this enables us to offer a superior quality product that will endure a lifetime of use. You should still order your bowl, even if it won't be ready for you to bring to the wedding. Wedding etiquette allows one year to give a wedding gift. We have a PDF file (See the 'WEDDING' page) you may 'add to your cart' at no cost that you can print and include in your wedding card. Then, we can ship the bowl directly to the couple, or to you if you prefer.

Please allow 7-10 weeks for completion, in addition to shipping time. During peak seasons lead times may exceed 10 weeks. Need it sooner? We now offer a RUSH MY ORDER option! This rush charge confirms your order will be shipped from our studio within 2-4 weeks from the order date.

PLEASE NOTE: Every custom order is hand-made to order in our Grand Rapids studio, and ships within 7-10 weeks from the order date. During peak season lead times may exceed 10 weeks. Given the nature of our made-to-order production, lead time may vary and we cannot guarantee delivery dates. When your order ships, you will receive a confirmation email with details and tracking information.

Q. Where is your storefront located?

A. At this time we do not have a brick and mortar store. Voltage Studio is currently located on the west side of Grand Rapids, MI and is not open to the public.

Q. I like many of the patterns, how do I choose the 'right' one?

A. We recommend you choose the pattern you feel the most strongly about for the couple. You are the one giving the gift and it ought to reflect your relationship to the couple. Perhaps try looking at their registry to get a sense of their decor and aesthetic. However, we would steer people away from feeling obligated to be matchy-matchy to dishes and china patterns/colors. Most couples will go through several sets of dishes in their lifetime, and the wedding bowl patterns are designed to be harmonious with all kinds of decor. 

A brief guide to the patterns. Feel free to completely disregard, this is not an exact science.
COLORBLOCK - Ideal for couples who love contemporary design, clean lines. There are color options within this pattern that appeal to people who love pops of color, those who prefer neutrals, and everything in between. Not recommended for those who like ornate, decorative patterns and designs. 

LOVEBIRDS - Ideal for creative-types. This pattern speaks to romantics, trend-setters, and lovers of Scandinavian design. This pattern is very fun to do custom color combinations with, especially to match wedding colors. Recommended for the couple that is embracing wedding planning and seeing to every DIY detail. Not recommended for those who have high-traditional homes, or those who have strict neutral color schemes.

TRADITIONAL - Ideal for those who love a little bit of pattern & decoration. This pattern works well with traditional decor, the color options allow it to coordinate with most people's homes and the simplicity of the vine & berry motif ensure it's timelessness. This is the original Betsy Ratzsch pattern, making it the 'oldest' yet it is not dated looking at all. 

LAKESHORE - Ideal for Michigan weddings & destination weddings. The most popular pattern, it coexists beautifully with any decor. Recommended for anyone.

LEAF - Ideal for nature-lovers & design-conscious alike. If the colorblock pattern was feeling a bit too simple and the traditional pattern a bit too decorative, the leaf pattern is just right. Leaves are a symbol of health and growth, making it a perfect sentiment for weddings. The clean design of the pattern allows it to appeal to many. Within this pattern, the different color choices allow it to be further tailored to the couple's tastes. Little bit modern? Go with the black, it's gorgeous, clean & bold. More outdoorsy? Opt for green & brown.

BANNER - Ideal for design-savvy folks. Did you receive a letterpress wedding invitation? Go with this one. Are they registered for Marimekko china? This is the one.  The Banner bowl is the sister to the Lovebirds' pattern- if the Lovebirds felt too cute, the Banner pattern should hit the spot. This is another pattern that is ideal for custom colors too.